No One Should Go Without Food

Tamla L. Bias

Site Coordinator

Tamla L. Bias

Site Coordinator

Meet our

Passionate Food Pantry Coordinator

Devoted to serving our community with compassion. Organizes, stocks, and distributes food to those in need, fostering a spirit of care and unity. Committed to making a positive impact and ensuring no one goes without. Join us in spreading love through nourishment.

Our Pantry

Our pantry provide Food for the Soul

Our food pantries offer essential food supplies to individuals facing financial constraints, alongside financial aid for housing (rent/mortgage/temporary shelter), utilities, prescription medications, medical necessities, and transportation, supporting those in need.



Meats & More

Nourishing Hearts
& Sharing Hope

Most needed items at our pantry

Our Schedule

We are available for food pick up and food donations:

Every Thursday

Every 4th Friday

This link will give you and your loved ones the help that they need. Emergency housing, rent assistance, internet for school, food and much more.

Do You Need Assistance?

Don't hesitate to reach out, that's why we're here.